Get Started with our free QCD Explorer™

OK, you qualify for the QCD and now you’re ready to see if it can save you money on your taxes. The beauty of QCDNow™ is┬áthat you can now make that determination yourself, from the comfort of your easy chair, without setting an appointment to consult with your tax or financial adviser (often on billable time).

We’ve broken the process down into three easy steps for you which, more often than not, can occur over the course of weeks if not months: Plan, Transact, and Report, hence the “PTR” acronym.

We suggest you start with our free QCD Explorer™, enter your figures, and marvel at the results. Your financial situation may be simple enough that our free QCD Explorer™ will provide sufficient results for you to proceed with your QCD strategy without further assistance, i.e. without upgrading to our $44.95 QCD Navigator™ or our $99.95 QCD Pro™. Please keep in mind, however, that although your financial situation may seem simple at first glance, your free QCD Explorer™ results may be so favorable for you that it would be prudent for you to upgrade and ensure that your QCD strategy is verified and supported throughout the three-step PTR process. Here’s a chart comparing the features and benefits of our three options: