July 1, 2020

QCDNow™ Group Plans

Attention Non-Profits, Tax Professionals, and Financial Advisers:

Learn how your organization and patrons can benefit from our Group Plans

For the vast majority of retirees, because itemizing deductions is out of reach due to the new tax laws, and because the Traditional IRA contribution is less feasible due to the fact that it requires earned income, the Qualified Charitable Distribution is certain to emerge as their single most popular tax reduction strategy. Recognizing this, 1040Plus, the developer of qcdnow.com, has designed a marketing strategy that not only helps educate donor-retirees, but also engages those critical partners that donor-retirees must inevitably rely on to initiate and transact a successful QCD strategy. Critical partners include non-profit organizations, tax professionals, and financial advisers.

QCDNow.com is the single most informative resource available for all things QCD, thus our primary objective is to encourage donor-retirees to visit the site to familiarize themselves with the QCD strategy. But because we are targeting an older (72 years old minimum) population that has not spent the majority of their adult life using a computer, and hence is not as adept at DIY as the general population, we recognize that our critical partners, aka influencers, must also play a role in educating and assisting donor-retirees in deploying a successful QCD strategy. In turn our partners stand to benefit from the donor-retirees’ patronage for years to come.

Our printed promotional materials consist of rack cards with companion poster-style information sheets, which we have found to be effective for initiating the QCD discussion. Even for donor-retirees who are not computer literate and are not likely to visit qcdnow.com, we have encouraged them to share the information on the card/poster with their favorite charity, or their financial adviser, in the event that those partners are not familiar with the QCD strategy (truth be told, there are many tax professionals who remain unfamiliar with QCDs). The rack card/info sheet comes in two flavors: a) pre-printed QCDNow™ Branded, and b) hi-resolution digital format Unbranded for the partner to have their own logo/info imprinted on the piece.

Before deciding which of the two flavors your organization would prefer, consider this: The target audience (72 years old and older retirees) is, at present, highly dependent on human assistance when it comes to understanding new financial concepts. Thus, while we expect a healthy portion of our target audience to visit qcdnow.com to familiarize themselves with the QCD strategy, we also expect only a small percentage of visitors to avail themselves of the qcdnow.com DIY (fee-based) options, preferring instead to rely on real people (such as 1040Plus, or you, or another partner in the QCD chain) for assistance. In other words, your organization should view the QCDNow™ Branded materials as, first and foremost, a conversation starter, then an educational tool, and ultimately a relationship builder.

Eventually we would expect this characteristic of our target audience (reliance on human assistance, reluctance toward DIY) to reverse itself as increasing numbers of tech-savvy DIYers grow older and enter retirement. Which is why we have developed a no-cost affiliate program for our partners and their patrons to benefit from the impending DIY movement, including: a) the use of affiliate urls which help the partner organization measure the effectiveness of its promotions by tracking the activity of its patrons on qcdnow.com, and b) the use of affiliate coupon codes which offer patrons of affiliate organizations a discount.

There will be more to come for our web-based Group Plan options if and when our target audience demonstrates a greater inclination toward DIY.

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